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The very first thing you will want to do if you haven’t done so already is to activate your membership by setting-up your one-off, one-time donation of 0.004 BTC so you are aligned within the matrix and can start getting paid through the levels (don’t worry if you are not familiar with Bitcoin or how to make Bitcoin payments as we will also cover this).

First things first – (This only applies if you do not have a crypto wallet or entered an incorrect payment address when registering. If this does not apply to you please move onto Step One…) When you registered you will have been asked to enter your crypto wallet payment address. If you were unsure what to enter or entered something else to gain membership you will need to change that to a crypto wallet payment address so that Bitcoin Ascension can pay you automatically.

If you have not got a crypto wallet you will need to set one up. This link goes to a list of the current top 40 cryptocurrency/coin wallets: www.bestbitcoinexchange.io Simply choose one from the list, or even ask friends for a recommendation.

Helpful Tip: If you are unsure how-to set-up your crypto wallet, most of the top wallets (such as Coinbase etc) have videos (made by independents) on how to do this on YouTube.com.

Once you have set-up your crypto wallet and are sure you have the correct payment address, you will need to login to your Bitcoin Ascension account and open a support ticket in order to get the information you initially entered changed.

To do this, simply click on ‘Support’ tab in left-hand column, from drop down menu select ‘Open Ticket’ and follow instructions to contact support. (Simply send a message stating your account details and your revised Bitcoin payment address).


Funding your account – First step is to open your crypto wallet account and then login to Bitcoin Ascension. (Your back-office will look something like the image below). Click on the gold button that says ‘Add Bitcoin to Wallet’ at the top of the page above BTC Donation Received box.

This will open the Deposit Funds 1st window with the Amount and Payment Method. Click on the purple button that says ‘Deposit Funds’.

This will open the Deposit Funds 2nd window with Deposit Funds followed by your user name at the top. First, click on the box under Select a Coin that says 0.0040000 BTC, and then the blue box that says ‘Complete Checkout’.

That will open the payment address and amount window. First copy the payment address, and then go-to your Bitcoin wallet and paste that payment address code into the required field to make a payment. Then either copy the 0.0040000 from the payment address window and paste or type it into the required field in your Bitcoin wallet and make the payment (send funds).

Helpful Tip: Again, if you are unsure how to do this with your wallet YouTube.com is a wealth of knowledge and information.

At this point your Bitcoin wallet should indicate that your payment is on now its way. Go back to the payment address window in Bitcoin Ascension, which should remain open until the payment is received, you will then see it automatically change to the next window that says PAID in big green letters.

Below the PAID text you will see a message that says ‘Continue to Sellers Store’. Click on the blue ‘Sellers Store’ text.

This will take you back to the Deposit Funds window with a green box that says Payment Request Received with some information below it.

At this point you can click on the ‘Dashboard’ tab, top left of your screen to return to your Bitcoin Ascension back-office. Once Bitcoin Ascension receives your payment from CoinPayments, which should only take up-to 30 minutes or less, the box with the red text box in that says ‘Wallet Balance’ located in the far-right corner will eventually read 0.00400000 BTC Balance and that you have successfully funded your account.


Securing Your Matrix Position – Now that you have successfully funded your account you will want to secure your matrix position by funding your position using the 0.004 BTC donations that are now in your Bitcoin Ascension wallet.

At the top of your ‘Dashboard’ (back-office) there is a green box that says ‘Buy Position’. Click on that green box.

A small window will appear asking you, Are You Sure You Want to Donate? Click on box with OK in and wait while system sets up your completed account. Once it has successfully done this (takes a few seconds) all the boxes on your ‘Dashboard’ (back-office) will fill themselves in and you will see a message that says ‘Your Account Successfully Upgrade’.

Congratulations, you are now completely set-up within Bitcoin Ascension and ready to start receiving automatic income paid to you through the matrix as it cycles.

Throughout the above processes you will also be receiving emails both from CoinPayments and Bitcoin Ascension letting you know the status of how your getting on, and probably from your Bitcoin wallet account holders.


What To Do Next – Now that your account is up and running you can just sit back for a while, or discover how you can increase your Bitcoin Ascension income ten-fold and more.

In your Bitcoin Ascension ‘Dashboard’ (back-office) on the left-hand side you will see a tab with the text ‘Promotional Tools’. Click on that tab and from the drop-down menu select ‘Video Instructions’.

There you will find 4 videos of interest, but the fourth one holds the secret to increasing your Bitcoin Ascension income ten-fold and more, simply, easily, and effectively.

It is not compulsory to promote your Bitcoin Ascension business in order to receive income. However, with everyone doing a little even just 10 minutes a day the cycle and income will come around a lot faster.

Everyone that joins Bitcoin Ascension has joined from exactly the same link, this one: https://bitcoinascension.com and by sharing it with others who you feel may also benefit from this highly popular and rewarding system you will be helping and benefiting them and everyone else involved, including yourself.

You are never far from some help, guidance, and support, as all members are encouraged to join our Facebook group to meet likeminded people just like you. There you will find a multitude of resources, and more importantly real people/members wanting to welcome you to the team.

Simply join the Facebook group by going here:

https://www.facebook.com/groups/Bitcoinascension/ (join) and announce that you have just joined and set-up your account. You will be welcomed and greeted by many other friendly members, all with the same one goal as you.

Take a look at the files section located within the Facebook group for extensive and helpful information regarding your Bitcoin Ascension business and the journey ahead.

There is also a Bitcoin Ascension ‘Juicing’ Facebook group where people like and comment on other members posts to boost their exposure, and of course gain new Bitcoin Ascension members. Worth joining even if you just help others by commenting and liking their posts.

Here’s the link to the ‘Juicing Group’: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TeamAscensionJuicing/ There is a video at the top of it called Bitcoin Surfers Advertising Tutorial that explains how to post a post and get it juiced.


Change Your Password – It’s not compulsory to change your password but certainly advisable for security reasons. This step shows you how.

First, login into your Bitcoin Ascension ‘Dashboard’ (back-office) and click on the tab in top left-hand corner that says ‘Profile’, from the drop-down menu select ‘Edit Profile’. In the section with Password written in it just type in your new password (always try and use lower and uppercase text and numbers).

Once you are happy with your new password click on the purple button that says ‘Save Changes’. This will close that window and a new one will open with another purple text box that says ‘Confirm Code’.

Check your email account and you should have a new email from Bitcoin Ascension titled 2FA Auth Code. Open the email and copy the code provided.

Now go back to your Bitcoin Ascension account and paste that code into the empty box along from where it says ‘OTP Code’ and click on the purple button below that says ‘Confirm’.

This will now take you back to your ‘Profile Update’ window and a green strip will appear across the top that says ‘Changes Saved Successfully! Your changes have been saved’.


Thank you for taking the time to read and action this Getting Started Manual. We at Bitcoin Ascension would just like to wish you massive success and hope you pass on your good news about finding us to everyone that you know.

Please keep checking back to this section from time to time as we have some very exciting updates to the program coming in the very near future and we hate for you to miss out.